What are Over the Counter (OTC) Male Enhancement Drugs?

Male enhancers are pills or supplements that allow you to perform well in bed. Some of these enhancers are great cures for erectile dysfunction and others simply prolong erection for more action. With the risks along with its use, some of it requires prescriptions to be bought in pharmacies. On the other hand, others are considered as over the counter (OTC) male enhancement pills that you can buy anytime you want.

What are Over the Counter Drugs?

Over the counter drugs are medications or supplements that you can buy without any restrictions. These drugs don’t require prescription, which makes it easier to buy. This means, these drugs don’t have a lot of risks when it comes to health issues. On the other hand, it’s still important to understand the nature of the drug that you’re using to avoid problems along the way.

Over the counter drugs can remedy headache, itch, and pain for a short period of time. It’s because these drugs only contain considerable amounts of chemicals or herbs that provide immediate treatment – they can’t be a treatment substitute. This is also true in OTC male enhancement pills. If you are having problems in sexual intercourse because of erectile dysfunction, or you want to perform longer in bed, this kind of male enhancer is definitely great.

Prescription Drugs

Why do people need prescription to buy a particular kind of drug? Well, the answer is simple – the drug that you have been prescribed with is not to be taken by other people unless they are told to by a medical professional. Prescription drugs contain a high amount of treatment dose that might harm someone who doesn’t have a disease like yours.

When it comes to male enhancers, prescription male enhancement drugs contain a high amount of substance that will solve your problems in sexual intercourse. If you take it without the condition it requires, it may lead to problems such as erection for hours, frequent palpitation, and heart attack. If you are experiencing impotence and have been prescribed with a particular drug, you are buying a male enhancer that can’t be taken by a normal person.


Before you take any drug (even if it is an over the counter drug), it’s very important to know how it works. This way, you don’t have to worry about the side effects you are experiencing especially if it is normal from taking a particular drug. Since male enhancers usually work on your blood flow – it makes it faster to allow more blood circulation in the penis, you might experience sudden heart palpitations and a feeling of being tired even if you’re just sitting or relaxing.

Over the counter male enhancement drugs are very easy to purchase. You just have to find the store that offers the brand or type that you prefer, and get it even without a prescription. Since most of these drugs are considered as health supplements, you don’t have to worry a lot about the side effects that most male enhancement drugs have.


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